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IT Needs to Stop Selling Services!

IT Needs to Stop Selling Services!

What your business wants

Business customers are becoming much more tech savoy than ever before they no longer want large bundled technology services. They want rapid low cost solutions to real business challenges.

Business and Government department are all under ever increasing pressure to deliver valued products and services to their customers. This comes with the pressure to increase productivity while reducing costs. We all know from the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL®) that value is generated when the utility of a service and warranty of a service are complete the customer gets outcomes they wants to achieve. However, in today's world where the workforce is increasing in their own personal use of technology, there is an expectation that corporate ICT will be able to deliver similar solutions to enable work practices in a similar way through the use if these new technologies. Gone are the days where business just want IT for enterprise applications and services.

IT must stop selling services!

IT Must Stop Selling Services and get serious about solving business problems with technology built solutions on the backbone of the existing ICT services already in use by their business.

With the ever growing number of devices connected the internet "internet of Things" (IoT)and the rapid advancements in Artificial Intelligence, (AI) traditional IT departments need to change their thinking and their practices. In every organisation I have gone into there is differing levels of the "Us and Them" mentality. This is a culture came about when many IT department were moved from their own division to being under the finance arm of the business. When the focus changed from technology as a primary enabler of business growth in all areas; to a cost centre perceived as an expensive "service provider" not a revenue generator. As a result, there has been a constant drive to cut IT cost, slash IT budgets, and force IT do more with less. The result of this behaviour is a low cost IT division that just delivers status quo enterprise applications and services at a cost that might be sold to the cheapest bidder.

IT must get back to its grass roots.​

Innovative technologist working in the business practitioners solving business problems not just delivering steady state Infrastructure services.

There is nothing quite the same as a technologist and business practitioner working together to discover new ways that technology can solve business problems.

IT is your time to shine. It is time to come out of the back rooms and the data centres and be in the business not just a provider of services to the business.

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Wednesday, 20 January 2021
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