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GR8 Service Management an award winning IT Management consulting and training organisation specialising in alignment of IT Strategy and business alignment expertise to CIO's and Sr. IT Managers who are struggling to get the level of commitment they need to deliver Quality IT solution

We work with CIO and Sr. IT managers giving them the tools and techniques to align their strategies, vision and mission with that of their business and transform their business relationship and engagement models.

We compliment this with training for their staff in best practice frameworks assisting them to improve the quality of their tactical service delivery and operations. 

Founded by Managing Director George Reynolds having worked with many Medium to Large IT departments quickly identified some key problems in the way IT was engaging their business causing huge inefficiencies in the value of the IT departments. As a result, George established an implementation partnership with Peregrine Systems providing the business process engineering and implementation experts. As time moved on George identified the most value they brought to the engagements was not the product expertise but the process and business engagement expertise.

George developed new systems that take IT departments through the journey from an under-valued cost centre always under threat of being considered for outsourcing to a valued partner in their business success, ultimately reaping the rewards of better support and commitment for IT from their business.

GR8 Service Management is not just a one size fits all consultancy, we specialise in the IT aligning your IT strategy to the business Strategy, Establishing better business engagement and relationship models, developing High performing teams, and improving your business processes. However, we leave the technology to you.

GR8 Service Management has been involved in many large IT transformation projects where the organisation either wanted to merge multiple IT support areas into a shared services IT group or have been involved in merging entities where disparate processes and practices need to be merged into a common way of delivering IT to the business. One of those projects was awarded Qld Premiers award for "Best Strong Project" 

Along the way, we have seen many organisations outsource their IT to third parties only to find that they were not getting what they expected. The mistakes IT has been making that have led to this are:

  • IT Service Catalogue does not clearly communicate the value of IT service aligned to business objectives
  • Service level agreements are not clear or in Business language, therefore, there is ambiguity about what level of service performance is available.
  • IT Strategies and Plans are not aligned to business objectives and plans.
  • IT System solutions are not designed to meet the business performance needs
  • Poorly executed IT projects fail to deliver the business value expected.
  • IT does not clearly communicate the distinctions between highly secure performing business grade IT solutions to the Privately available commercial IT solutions that are easy to attain and low cost.
  • IT organisations, unlike Manufacturing units, do not have well-defined processes resulting in the poor performance against business goals and objectives.

As time has gone on George has developed a framework that when implemented addresses these mistakes and transforms IT departments into highly valued partners in their business success.