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Service Portfolio Management Consulting Service


GR8 Service Management will work with you to baseline and improve your Service Portfolio Management Capability.

We will assess your Service Portfolio Management:

  • Governance & Management Structure; 
  • Identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to the management techniques, processes, people and systems you use to manage your Service Portfolio.

Our assessments will include recommendations on improvements that can be made to the way in which you manage your Service Portfolio. Once the Service Portfolio improvements have been agreed we will assist in prioritising and planning the way to execute the improvements and bolster your capability for managing your portfolio of services.

GR8 Service Management will then work with you to deliver the improvements followed by a new baseline of the capability to assess the benefits that have been achieved.

GR8 Service Management brings the years of practical application of Service Management practices to table that assists in streamlining improvements and preventing mistakes that have been made by many other companies in establishing or improving their Service Portfolio management capability.

GR8 Value:

GR8 Service Management brings the experience of many years and many different industries that have implemented Service Management capabilities. The result is rapid results in establishing and improving capability in Service Portfolio Management.

We are always looking for new and improved ways to assist our customers with the development of policies, processes, technologies and techniques that enable Service Portfolio Management.

We don’t stop there though; we also focus very much on the people aspect of establishing or changing the way in which you manage your service portfolio using well defined and proven practices in Organisational Change Management to ensure buy-in and uptake by the users and their customers achieves the outcomes projected in a timelier manner.

Role Recommendations:

GR8 Service Management recommends one of our Sr. Consultants are involved in the base-lining assessment and scoping of the new or improved Service Portfolio Management capability. Once the assessment and recommendations phase has been completed. The Improvement planning phase will then identify any other resources that will be required to deliver the agreed outcomes.

Engagement Process:

There are multiple ways you can engage GR8 Service Management.

  •  Request for Proposal;
  •  Request for Tender; or
  •  Our favourite just contact us, and let’s get together and discuss your objectives and the outcomes that you want to achieve and we can then talk about the best way for us to engage with you.

 Please feel free to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to register your interest or give us a 1800 875 518 for the personal touch.