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  1. Are you having trouble demonstrating the value that your services provide to your customers?
  2. Is your customer’s perception of the value your services provide the same as yours?
  3. Is your annual customer survey showing a difference in perception of value
  4. Do you feel there is a willingness to improve, to make a longer term commitment
  5. Do you have sufficient resources and capabilities to deliver your services both now and into the future?
  6. Can you report on demand for your services
  7. Are you having trouble quantifying your service offerings in a way your customers understand?
  8. Are your strategies aligned with achieving core business objectives?
  9. Are your services designed in such a way that you are confident the People, Processes, Partners, Products, used in the delivery of your services supports you to meet a set of agreed levels of service performance and quality?
  10. Are you willing to offer guaranteed levels of service performance and quality for the services you offer?
  11. Do you have an effective catalogue of services, so your customers know what is on offer, what they cost and the processes for getting each service offered?
  12. Do you have a configuration model that depicts what each service is made up of and how it is delivered? Providing you with the ability to identify single points of failure where your service performance or the availability of your services might be disrupted?
  13. When offering new or major changed services, are you sure that your teams have been properly prepared to operate and deliver those services to agreed levels of performance and quality?
  14. Do you have the correct workflows in place to ensure the appropriate authority has been provided before services are delivered by your teams?
  15. Do you have a standard single point of contact for your customers to engage with your unit, or do your team members constantly get disrupted by niggly little issue that prevent them from achieving the priority activities that have been assigned to them?
  16. Do you have standard processes for handling issues or complaints regarding your services?
  17. Do you have the pesky recurring issues that you just can’t seem to get to the bottom of?
  18. Are your customers constantly complaining about the time, quality, and cost of the services that your teams provide?


If you answered yes to any of the above questions then GR8 Service Management can help.

We will assist you in developing Service Management capabilities based on proven set Service Management best practices.

You will be able to improve the value and quality the service delivers at reduced cost through the use of efficient, best practices in Service Management resulting in more efficient and effective business performance.




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